8 Ways Work On TV Is Different From Work In Real Life

“Life doesn’t imitate art, it imitates bad television.” -Woody Allen

Wouldn’t it be great if we were surrounded by beautiful people dressed in designer clothes at work? Or if everyone spoke in clever quips and the banter was always snappy? Or if you could dramatically chew out your boss with little to no repercussions? Well this is the real world, where you actually have to do work at work, menial tasks and low salaries exist, and sometimes — breaking news — work is just plain old boring. Here are 8 reasons going to work on TV is way better than heading to the office in real life.

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    • Lastango

      Gee, you have a sharp, witty eye for this nonsense! That bit about hanging out for hours before breakfast cracked me up. I once knew someone who tried to live the have-it-all media myth. He would disappear from the office at about 11:45, go to the gym, and come back roughly two hours later. Just like in those glossy magazines that tell us we can effortlessly mix an attractive lifestyle into our workday. (Doesn’t everyone leave their corner-office-with-a-view and join a photogenic companion for an empowering mid-afternoon run along the river?) Anyway, folks wondered how he could do it. The short answer is, he couldn’t. After about six months of that crap his lack of quality and productivity was glaring and he moved on before he was dismissed.

      Years ago, someone calculated that it would take an annual income of about $2 million to live like a character on the daytime soaps. None of them do a lick of work, so they’re even flakier than the PM crowd you’re tweaking.

      BTW, I can’t help but recall when, despite your insight into this schlock, you somehow came up with “10 Career Women You Should Watch On TV This Summer”… and doubted my comment wondering if that was worth doing.


      Just pulling your leg… I think you’re a lot smarter and more entertaining than your subject.

    • Kelsey Manning

      Much appreciated Lastango, I’d like to think I am. And wow, I hope that poor guy is at least skinny and jobless