10 Actresses Who Launched Their Own Production Companies

Who knew that production companies were the new purse dogs? Though we think of Hollywood as this female dominated industry women there, even beautiful actresses, face the same struggles as women in many other industries. This is why many actresses form their own production companies. It helps them to get the films they want made. ”Until more women wield the power to decide what movies and TV shows get made, Hollywood culture won’t really yield all the fascinating complexities that are the realities of women’s lives,” said Hollywood legend Jane Fonda, who owns IPC which has been producing films since the 1970s.  “Until then, we’re accepting supporting roles in an industry many of us have devoted our lives to.” In an interview with Movieline in 1989, Fonda said, “I don’t necessarily do a film because it’s the role of my life. I do it because it’s a movie I want to be a part of, that I want to help see the light of day. On Golden Pond wasn’t my movie. In 9 to 5 I didn’t have the best part. For Coming Home (1978), I won an oscar, but I never conceived of it as a vehicle for me. When I agreed to do China Syndrome, there wasn’t even a woman in it. Richard Dreyfuss was supposed to play my part.” This is why many actresses decide to put on production caps. We took a look at some of the most popular actresses doing this today.


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