The 8 Most Important Elements Of My Home Office

When I started working from home, my husband and I decided that the spare bedroom really needed to be converted into an office for me to work in.

Of course, there were many other ways we could put the space to use. At that time, it was literally referred to as “the dog’s room” because it held the kennels, toys and time-out area for our two hundred-pound pups. But did our dogs really need their own room? We talked about making a toy room for our little girl. Her new “big girl” bedroom furniture had left her space feeling cramped. But that would probably just mean more toys spread out over a wider area. We’re hoping that at some point the extra room will actually serve the purpose of a nursery. After two years of trying, we still haven’t needed that crib yet.

But really, I needed an office. I mean, I work from home. I can’t just sit on the couch, right? Staying in bed all day makes it too tempting to nap. The dining room table isn’t exactly a comfortable space to spend 8 hours a day. Working from home demands an office.

Finally, we decided to start designing one that will fit my needs. We’re actually not going to put in the spare bedroom. We’re going to put it in a new house. But still, I’m finally going to get that office. Which is why I was excited to see a piece in Forbes called “Design a Home Office You’ll Actually Work In.” That’s what I need! I need an office I’ll work in.

So using this design guide as inspiration, I decided to look at things that I want in an office. Here are my plans for creating a space I’ll actually work in. Feel free to give me your own advice of what works and what doesn’t.

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