Could Jessica Simpson Blow Her Weight Watchers Deal?

After In Touch Weekly reported that Jessica Simpson is “stressed and overwhelmed” by the $4 million deal she signed with Weight Watchers to shed 50 pounds in five months, the new mom has come out saying she has not felt pressure by her new employers at all. “Just so everyone knows…Weight Watchers hasn’t put ANY pressure on me!” she tweeted Wednesday night. “I’m trying to be as healthy as I can for myself and I feel great.” Excellent move to keep the company paying her a massive amount of money happy, but could Jessica screw up this deal? Could the company sue for breach of contract if she doesn’t lose the weight in time?

Most likely this will not happen. Even if Jessica doesn’t lose the 50 pounds in that time period (and that number has not been confirmed by Weight Watchers) they can still promote whatever weight loss she does accomplish. We spoke with a lawyer who said they probably have a contract provision addressing that very issue that would protect Jessica. Another lawyer said, “But even if the contract said she had to lose a certain amount of weight, I can’t imagine it would be held up in court. They might be able to sue her if the contract said she had to follow the guideline of the program and she didn’t.” But it sounds like she is mostly in the clear.

However, Kirstie Alley was fired after being a spokesman for the company and dropping the pounds but then she put them back on. A Weight Watchers leader was also sued after putting on weight. But these are different circumstances. And though Jessica is claiming to feel no pressure, she is making an active effort to lose the weight with weekly trips to the gym and a healthier diet.

But Jessica does not want to lose this deal. The literal business of weight loss is a very lucrative industry and now B-list celebrities can use it as a major leveraging platform to get them to A-list exposure levels. The annual revenue of the U.S. weight loss industry, including diet books, diet drugs and weight loss surgeries is $20 billion and celebrities want a piece of that pie.  Jessica Simpson hasn’t done a movie or produced an album in years, but her fashion career has blown up. And now her $4 million contract will make her star power even larger (excuse the pun. )

But her struggle to lose weight is part of the reason she got the Weight Watchers Deal in the first place. Simpson has already done a great job with her fashion line of appealing and relating to middle America and convincing everyone she is still just a Texas girl. Now she will show an even more human side facing a struggle that many women do as well. “Her talent, resilience and positive outlook already make her a great role model,” the company said. “And by deciding to trade in yo-yo dieting for a healthier lifestyle, we know she will inspire many women to join her.” Let’s just hope she gets the chance.

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