7 Failed Female Talk Show Hosts: Is Bethenny Frankel Next?

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    • Lastango

      This reminds me of the way a food producer develops a new snack chip. Despite advance testing, no one really knows which chips the public will actually buy. So the producers have learned not to worry about trying to make accurate predictions. Instead, they simply roll out a series of products, bring them to market, and expect nearly all of them to fail. They cut their losses as soon as possible. They know that, when they hit a winner, the profits will dwarf the costs required to discover it.

      BTW, I remember Arsinio Hall’s flop. Unlike some of the people in this slideshow, he didn’t polarize or off-put viewers, and he didn’t really have glaring negatives. His problem was that he also didn’t have glaring strengths. His involvement was basically to help his guests be comfortable, smile, and validate their presence on the show. They talked, and he nodded his head and every once in a while lobbed them a softball. To an audience reared on Johnny Carson’s sharp wit and interplay, he was an empty suit. Nothing to see here, folks… so they kept moving.

    • Susie

      I think it’s awful. I hope it’s cancelled. She reads a teleprompter and talks about herself most of the time and overtalks her guests. Additionally, it feels like one be infomercial for all the crap she sells. Enough already.

      • kim

        I agree completely. She talks over her guests which is so incredibly rude.

        I get it, she is a talk show host and all, but honestly she NEVER SHUTS UP. It’s just endless babble, mostly about herself. Why anyone cares about what this girl thinks is beyond me. You can tell from most of what she says that she is “trying to be cool”

        She annoys the hell out of me and her show has been effing up my daytime tv schedule.

    • danielle

      i love her show she is real and her show is not like any other talk show.maybe she will make people loosen up a lil bit!!

      • Star advisor

        I can’t stands stand her! She uses people, I have no idea why Ellen would help her get her own show!! She is a vulgar human being!!!

    • janerose

      News flash — it’s not just viewers in the “upper range” of her age target who are turned off by the trash on her show. I was looking forward to it and it was just too much crap.

    • Joe

      She has no star quality and tries way tooooo hard to be edgy.

    • marjorie

      I love her but her talk show was none different then the others, I thought it would be soo different, dissapointed!!!!

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    • SweetiePie

      we can only hope it gets cancelled…and soon!

    • More Brains than Bethany

      Benthany is an awful show!!! I don’t even know who this chick is, but she sucks at this. Bring back Judge Mathis. He is wayyyyy more entertaining!!!!!

    • Carol Rollins-Kloetzly

      Just hearing her name makes me nauseous. Fake, loud, obnoxious, prior reality TV “star” (gag). Where can I press a cancel button? (albeit, I will never watch an episode of her show). Stick to marketing your Skinny cocktails, which are not nearly as bad as your personality.

    • Andreas

      Bethanny’s show is horrible. It’s an embarrassing joke and I find her to be highly immature. She’s one huge dull dud.. Please end it already.. I won’t watch either way, but she’s so fake with all BS crying and hugging when we’re not stupid..She only gives a crap about herself.She’s trying to show that she can be kind like Ellen. That is the true Ellen.. Ellen doesn’t bs everyone.. Bethenny is a loser in every respect of the word..Her stupid topics are terrible.. What a joke. End it already. The show sucks!!!!!!!

    • Tracie

      I hope The Bethenny Frankel show gets cancelled and SOON!!!! What a fake! All she cares about is herself and tries to act like she cares about the audience members but you can tell its all about her. The show was on at my clients house yesterday and I saw a few minutes of it and will definitely never watch it again!