Lindsay Lohan Just Achieved A Career Milestone

Look out your window because pigs may be flying. Lindsay Lohan has done what a lot of people thought she couldn’t do. She has wrapped production on the television movie, Liz & Dick Lindsay tweeted yesterday ”Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Also—that’s a wrap on Liz & Dick—thank you to all my fans, crew members, friends & Lifetime!”  This is a major step in Lindsay’s career comeback. 

Not that it was a completely smooth production process. Just four days after filming began, Lindsay was involved in a car crash on the way to the Liz & Dick set, sending her to the hospital. Then one week later paramedics were called to tend to the Liz & Dick star, when she was believed to be unconscious in her hotel room. However, this turned out to just be exhaustion and union officials came in to look at the set after two crew members got sick. But Lindsay also became the most insured actress on the planet with this film. Producer Larry Thompson said that Lohan’s contract included “three pages of what-ifs.”

You can take the girl out of the train wreck, but you can’t quite take the train wreck out of the girl. But this does show that Lindsay, who turned 26 yesterday, may be able to eventually get back on the career trajectory path she had as a teenager. Her career comeback started back in the winter when she hosted Saturday Night Live. When she appeared on Today, Lauer introduced her — heartbreakingly — by saying, “At just 25 years old, she’s attempting a comeback.” Her five-year plan, she says, involves the Oscars. She told Lauer that she has no interest in dating right now: “I want to focus on me and I want to focus on work. And that’s another thing actually that in the past I didn’t do. I was more involved in my relationship if I was in one than myself and it became very codependent in a bad way.” Keep at it Lindsay.

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