Is Sonja Morgan Going To Be The Next Bethenny Frankel?

Sonja Morgan claims she wants to be run an empire like former New York Housewife Bethenny Frankel, except she wants to be even bigger. She may be on her way with the publication of her new lifestyle cookbook but she has a lot of work ahead of her.

“[Bethenny] used to tell me that my bathroom was bigger than her whole apartment, but now she’s built an empire,” Sonja explains in an interview with Star Magazine.  “I want my own kitschy daytime show where I can talk about everything from stain removers to Botox. I’ll be bigger than Bethenny, because I’m hungrier than her now.”

Well, I’m not sure if that is necessarily true considering Bethenny, despite her empire and talk show’s success, continues to take on new projects to expand her brand. Bethenny helped women eat healthier and Sonja is sort of doing the same thing and also showing them how to

But Sonja is like Bethenny in that she is trying to build her business out of her room (though I don’t think Bethenny had her interns sorting out her pills for her) and she does have a strong personality. However, her fortune is far from even approaching Bethenny. Before Morgan was married to her ex-husband, the great-grandson of J. Pierpont Morgan she was a restaurant hostess turned manager. Eventualy she formed her own production company, Sonja Productions, but a failed movie venture last year ended in her losing a $7 million law suit and filing for bankruptcy. She may not have the best business skills, strategy wise while Bethenny has earnings of $12 million as of May 2012 according to Forbes. Sonja is going to have make a use a whole lot of toaster ovens if she wants to be Bethenny.

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