8 Items You Must Have In Your Desk To Fix An Inappropriate Office Outfit

Last week I was meeting a good friend of mine for lunch for our monthly time to catch up. As working mothers, we find that if we don’t plan a lunch date, we just never hear from each other. Before I even left the house, my friend sent me an urgent text, “Bring me a safety pin please!”

Immediately, I knew what had happened. It’s a situation that every woman who has ever worked in an office knows all too well. You wear a new shirt to work that seemed great when you tried it on. Honestly, it looked completely office-appropriate in the dressing room. Then you sit down and the whole thing seems to spring open revealing a lot more cleavage than you ever expected. Or maybe the shirt stretched as you wear it. In the morning, the neck of the shirt rested firmly on your collar bone. By afternoon, it seems to be in a race to reach your belly button.

Either way, we’ve all be in that place before. It’s the moment when what started the day as completely appropriate ends up flashing a little too much skin to the Controller. His eyes linger, your cheeks turn red. It’s a terrible experience.

To fend off these awkward moments, here are a few things that every woman should keep in her desk. Or you should plan lunch dates with people who work from home every day.

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