‘I Was Working On My Wedding Day’: 6 True Stories

Oh weddings. They are such a joyous occasion. The flowers, the guests, the dress, the music, the emails, etc., Wait what was that last one?It seems that in this ever-connected world where being a workaholic is completely normal, working on your wedding day is pretty normal. After all in some ways, a wedding is usually the beginning of a short vacation and many people are incapable of taking a vacation. According to Ron Ashkenas, author and managing partner of Schaffer Consulting, there really isn’t a clear separation between our professional and personal lives anymore. In an article for The Harvard Business Review he wrote:

“The reality for many of us these days is that our professional lives bleed into our personal lives. The boundaries are increasingly permeable and movable. We check our emails in the evenings and weekends. We delay or miss family events because we can’t leave the office. And when we do, we take our communications devices with us so that we can stay connected to work.”

Ashkenas says maybe we need to accept the fact that the sharp demarcation between work and home is a thing of the past, and that the new normal is a life that integrates home and work more seamlessly. Instead of work-life balance he thinks we should all focus on work-life “integration.” Well these people clearly don’t mind integrating. We talked to a few people who said they actually did work until the moment leading up to their wedding and after it and they didn’t seem too bothered.

Photo: Zametalov/Shutterstock.com

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    • Nancy

      Well, I wouldn’t want to work n my wedding day, but these women are very motivating!