10 Hilariously Bad (Real!) Excuses For Skipping Work

Embarrassing excuses for missing work never get old, so when I happened across this new list of excuses people have apparently used in real life, I couldn’t help but laugh. Commissioned by the software and consulting company Citrix, the new survey looks at a wide variety of office frustrations, and the outlandish ways employees try to get out of spending time at work. Some of these excuses for playing hooky are so crazy, they just might work. After all, how could your boss actually respond if you said you weren’t coming in because “I’m having toenail issues”? Enjoy these 10 totally insane, supposedly real excuses for skipping work.

Photo: olly / Shutterstock.com

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    • Sarah

      Honestly, I stayed home when my dog was sprayed. Reason being that I smelled so bad from dealing with the situation, it was a matter of being considerate to my co-workers.