This May Be The Best Cover Letter Ever

Earlier this week we reported on the amazing job application that included a picture of Nicolas Cage instead of a resume. And now we may even be able to top that with this amazing cover letter which BuzzFeed found.

Got this shit? Check. I mean, how could you not hire the son of a librarian and a Capricorn. That is an unbeatable combination. And clearly this company couldn’t resist that combo either because THEY HIRED HIM!

It seems like, especially this week, there seems to be a trend in the hiring world of appreciating these crazy,outrageous applications. The Washington Post thinks Vanessa Hojda, the Nicolas Cage resume girl, actually gave herself a leg up. It shows she has a sense of humor. Nicolas Cage is a ridiculous person and this picture conveys that. It also shows she knows her way around a computer (but has fat fingers like the rest of us) and she didn’t run away from her mistake. In fact, she shared it with the world. The Post thinks this woman could have started a revolution among anyone applying for a job right now, which is quite a lot of people.

Or maybe it’s just the fact that recruiters hate cover letters. Former recruiter Anne-Marie Baiynd told StreetID that recruiters don’t read cover letters. “The managers don’t read them either because it’s all fluff,” she said. Kunal Desai, who is also a former recruiter (as well as the CEO of Bulls on Wall Street) said that the last thing a job seeker should do is send out a general cover letter that is written for everyone. “They don’t really care about that,” he said. “Anything you can do to differentiate yourself can’t hurt.” This are certainly great examples of differentiating oneself.
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