Mila Kunis Is Tired Of The Double Standard For Women In Hollywood

Actress Mila Kunis reminds us that even though it pays to be a glamorous actress, there are still career challenges. Women have to work much harder to uphold there reputations in Hollywood and are persecuted for their behavior unlike their male colleagues, says Mila.

She told Interview Magazine:

“I think there will always be a double standard between males and females, so I think that an actress is more likely to protect her public persona, so to speak, than an actor would be. An actor goes crazy in a hotel room, gets trashed, throws a bench, breaks a window, and he is considered a rock star. An actress does that and she’s sent to rehab and is thought to have problems and issues and can’t get a job.”

And she’s right. We give Charlie Sheen a new series on FX and a roast on Comedy Central after he has a full on public breakdown riddled with addiction and destruction (and let’s not forget this man is the father to five children and actually shot someone once) and yet we tell Lindsay Lohan day after day she is lucky to be getting a career comeback. Not that Lindsay’s behavior isn’t terrible, but is it as terrible as Sheen’s? And let’s not forget, he has 20-something years on her. Producer Richard O’Sullivan said, “Lindsay hasn’t been keeping entire prostitution rings in business. Charlie has. Lindsay hasn’t destroyed personal property like Charlie has. Still, Lindsay’s a pariah and yet when Charlie does it, it’s just ‘boys being boys’.” Does anyone even remember when Johnny Depp trashed a hotel room? No, because he is awesome and that just contributed to his alluring mystique.

O’Sullivan says he’s a big fan of Sheen and wishes him well but finds it odd that society shrugs off the actor’s behavior while wringing its collective hands over Lohan. “Lindsay did one thing that could have hurt someone else,” says O’Sullivan. “She drove drunk. It was a stupid, stupid thing and she knew it. Anything else you can point to regarding her behavior is casebook ‘victimless crime.’ She isn’t hurting anyone but herself. Yet media outlets will sit and do round table discussions about her like she’s single-handedly destroying society.

Kunis who has stayed on the straight and narrow admits Hollywood is so tough she considers leaving in the next few years. She told the magazine, “This industry can eat you alive. I think it feeds you a lot of bullsh-t and then spits you right back out, and then you get caught up in it because so much of it is perception and opinion. The fact that there is no right or wrong is what I think is maddening,” she says. “I think that you have to restrain yourself from Googling your name and have other hobbies and desires and wants.”

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