• Mon, Jul 23 2012

Shocking New Accusation: Marissa Mayer Is, Like, A Totally Lame Mentor

Soon-to-be Yahoo head Marissa Mayer has spent the last three years serving as a mentor to female executives from developing countries as part of a global mentoring program run by the US State Department. And unlike other mentors, she invites her mentees to stay in her home to “have a more immersive experience,” according to an anonymous source in the New York Post today. Very cool of her! Or at least that’s what you might think until you hear the harrowing take of one mentee who had an awful experience because she was forced to

… stay in the house by herself for a little while. Wait a minute, what?

Yes, according to the item in the paper’s gossip column, a mentee from a Middle Eastern country arrived in the US for the first time, and came to Mayer’s house to take part in the mentoring program. Two days later, Mayer had to leave town for a few days.

“Marissa’s mentee arrived in California, and two days later was told Marissa and her husband were leaving town,” the anonymous source gripes. “They left for four days, and this woman was just left there, having never been to America, with no real support.” Then Mayer returned, but they didn’t interact that much — the details are light, so who knows, this could mean anything from one 15-minute session to an hour a day.

Mayer’s assistant told the mentee “not to eat Marissa’s food,” which sounds awful, but could just mean she was given tons of food options and just asked to leave one particular refrigerator alone.

After a week and a half, the mentee asked to be moved to a hotel. Another anonymous source — this one sounds like they’re from Mayer’s camp — concedes there was “an issue” but defends Mayer’s record as a generous mentor.

And that’s it. So the supposed big scandal here is that Mayer invited a stranger into her mansion, and then wasn’t on hand every single minute to chat. Oh, and then at some point an assistant indicated which free food was available to eat. If that’s a mentorship gone wrong, sign me up.

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  • http://twitter.com/keanesian Meghan Keane

    How do I get one of these mansion internships?

  • http://twitter.com/keanesian Meghan Keane

    How do I get one of these mansion internships?