Beyoncé To Direct Documentary About Her Career (And Being Awesome)

According to reports, singer, actress, dancer, mother to Blue Ivy and force of nature that is Beyoncé is slated to direct a documentary about herself. Beyoncé would star, direct in and produce the project.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the 30-year-old and her representation have been taking a project about her life and chart-topping career to different studios recently. The paper cites a source with knowledge of the project who says that the documentary is a blend of Beyoncé’s concerts and more personal interviews, as it combines her “music and personal study.” Directing and producing aren’t new territory for the pop culture icon as last year she also served as director and producer of her concert DVD, “Live at Roseland: Elements of ’4.” “I learned how to edit … I’m an editor as well,” Beyonce told Katie Couric at the time. “It is a lot of work, especially when I’m trying to tell stories that are from so many different eras, moments of my life.”

This move is a bit of a gamble even though Beyonce is a huge star. It could go down the road of Katy Perry’s disappointing documentary, Part of Me, but most likely it will be a hit like Justin Bieber’s Justin Bieber: Never Say Never which earned $73 million in the United States. And after all, this is Beyoncé.

The self-confessed workaholic is a perfectionist so my guess is fans won’t be disappointed. “My focus is not bigger; it’s quality, and I want to make sure it’s something I’m proud of years from now,” she says in the video. “It’s very difficult managing myself. Every night when I go to sleep, I ask hundreds of questions. I’m making mistakes, and I’m learning from them. I’ve never been afraid to fall — and I say all these things, but now I’m being tested.”


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