10 Actresses That Are Also Legitimate Screenwriters

“I guess the only experience I had was reading scripts.  I’ve read scripts for 15 years as an actress and you know what you like and you know what you don’t like. Sometimes you pick up material and you’re like, “Have these people even ever said these things out loud? Because they don’t make any sense.” Or you read some and you’re like, “God, it’s so cool that somebody was able to write the way people actually talk.” So, if you have things to say about what people do, the best thing to do is to go try it yourself and then it just immediately launches you into a whole newfound respect and humility.”

That was actress/screenwriter Rashida Jones in an interview with Rolling Stone. Rashida’s first film that she both wrote and starred in, Celeste & Jesse Forever, came out this weekend. Unlike every other actress that says they also are writers and directors and producers and jewelry designers, Rashida has legitimately written a film and made it. Though these actresses that are legitimate screenwriters are a rare commodity in Hollywood we found a few.

Photo: Featureflash/Shutterstock.com

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