So Is This Scrunchie Thing Like Actually Happening?

Kat Griffin, founder of fashion work blog Corporette, told The Grindstone:

“I think that sports-themed apparel should stay out of the office, but as to whether plain old scrunchies are coming back… I haven’t seen them yet, but I have thought that some of those ribbon ties are not very far off.  I don’t ever think scrunchies were “inappropriate,” per se… just horribly out of style for many years.”

Well, that isn’t exactly reassuring but other experts feel that scrunchies have no place in the office or pretty much on the planet earth.

Melanie Benwell, Managing Director of PathWorks Personnel, told The Grindstone:

“Scrunchies are the equivalent of wearing sports socks – not appropriate in the work place.Ponytails are fine for work, but use a simple elastic band or a ribbon and leave the scrunchie for cleaning day at home.”

Meli Pennington, an editorial makeup artist and editor at Wild Beauty, told The Grindstone:

“The answer is: no, no, no ­ the scrunchie is for the gym, or the mall. It basically makes any grown woman look like a teenager, or as if she’s in her pajamas.”

Laurie Brucker, a certified Image Consultant and personal stylist based in Los Angeles, told The Grindstone:

“No, no, no, no, no, never, never, never, please don’t ever. In this modern business world, scrunchies are the death to an outfit and to the image of a professional. Dramatic yes. True, also yes. Wearing a scrunchy can not only cheapen your look it can also date and age you as a professional. Looking at the top of your game means visually staying modern, classy and aware general style ideals of the current day. There is nothing classy, modern or professional about an oversized, scrunchy.”

Jenny McGlincy, the fashion editor for 303 Magazine, felt that the U.S. Gymnastics team will definitely give scrunchies a boost but not in the workplace. She told us:

“Unless you are, in fact, a US Women’s Gymnastics team member, the scrunchie should stay in the time capsule you buried in your back yard 15 years ago. The scrunchie is never appropriate at the office, in fact, it’s not appropriate anywhere. The only thing you accomplish by wearing a scrunchie at the office is aging yourself, and, most likely causing bemusement of your co-workers.”

But if scrunchies are getting this much flack, is is still acceptable to wear a ponytail in the office? McGlincy said, “Sleek ponytails, loose chignons or embracing the “sock bun” trend are all office-appropriate, no-fuss, “up-do” alternatives to whatever goofy look might be conjured by using a scrunchie. You want to be recognized at work for your accomplishments, not for the poorly styled pile of fabric on top of your head.” Pennington said, “Ponytails can be worn, (and on hot days they’re almost essential) but why not use a proper elastic? Even drugstores carry ones that match different hair colors. And remember, super bouncy is great for gymnasts, but for the office a sleeker, often lower ponytail looks more professional.”

Well, it looks like professional women are safe from scrunchies for now. You’re welcome world.

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