Sex Expert Emily Morse Tells Us How To Get Turned On…Professionally

When we are little girls, we dream of being all kinds of things when we grow up. A doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a sex expert, etc., Wait, what was that last one? One of those is not like the other. Well dating and sex expert Emily Morse, star of the Bravo show Miss Advised, didn’t exactly imagine herself in this career either as a kid but now she says, she couldn’t imagine doing anything else with her life.

But how exactly does one become a sex expert? Well, like many rewarding careers there isn’t a clear cut path, but scrappy and innovative Emily made her way there eventually. The University of Michigan grad started off in politics as a campaign aide for California Senator Barbara Boxer and former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. This led to her directing and producing the award-winning documentary See How They Run, which follows a notorious San Francisco mayoral race. It was during the making of that film that Emily really got interested in how people feel about sex and relationships. This led to the launch of the podcast, Sex with Emily, in 2005. Podcasts were just taking off at this point so this was a pretty ballsy move, but it paid off big time as it quickly garnered a spot on iTunes’ most downloaded “Top 20 Podcasts” and has remained there since. The popularity of the podcast led to her hosting the show over traditional radio airwaves on CBS radio in San Francisco. Now Sex with Emily is recorded weekly at Stitcher Studio and airs Friday nights on Sirius/XM radio. She along with co-host White Menace debate the female and male perspective on sex, relationships, marriage, cheating, love, heartbreak, and dating.

In addition to the show she has also written  Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight and Hot Sex: A Graphic Guide to Sensual Pleasure and launched two apps. Her popularity and candid personality got Bravo’s attention which led to a chance to be on their new show, Miss Advised. It focuses on the love lives of three dating experts: columnist Julia Allison,  matchmaker Amy Laurent and Morse, to see if they practice what they preach. The season finale of the hit series airs tonight and is expected to return for a second. While working full time, promoting her brand and filming a reality show, did we mention Emily is also getting her doctorate in Human Sexuality? Somehow we managed to catch this busy lady for a chat about her exciting career and how busy working girls need to make time for their sex lives.

TheGrindstone: As a kid did you ever picture yourself in a career like this? How did this happen?

Oh no. I never thought as a kid I would be doing something like this or even right out of high school. This was a very organic process. I started my career in politics and worked my way up and then eventually I made this documentary [See How They Run] and that really wet my appetite for interviewing people. I just loved talking to people and I was especially passionate about people’s relationships and sex. And then it was really seven years ago with my first show that I found my calling. I just think there are infinite things to talk about with this topic. There is no one who doesn’t want to talk about sex.

TheGrindstone: Your show took off really fast. Was your family supportive of your interesting career change?

It was a big sudden change but they were very supportive and very happy for me. Yeah, no backlash. That would have been hard!

TheGrindstone: Were you hesitant at all when Bravo came calling with this show? I mean, I know you are exposed and very honest on your radio show but television is a whole different ball game?

I really wasn’t hesitant at all! When Bravo called I was so excited and I just couldn’t think of a better way to get my message out there. Television is a medium that I hadn’t tackled yet and I knew I would get a much wider reach with it. It felt like a natural extension.  It definitely is a different kind of exposure, but I really have nothing to hide and I felt okay with them wanting to put my life on camera.

TheGrindstone: With the show, do you feel like you have any sort of separation between your private and public life anymore?

It has merged a little bit but I live and breathe my work cause it is my own brand. It’s my baby so there isn’t really a clear delineation. If I start to date a new guy, I still do keep things private. I really try to make the show about healing people.

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