Play The Schick® Quattro For Women® Dare To MASH App For A Little Bit Of Nostalgic Fun

When I grow up I am going to be a marine biologist living in a apartment with Tom Cruise and 10 kids. That was what my future was supposed to be according to the game MASH (Mansion-Apartment-Shack-House.) Well, everything did pretty much turn out that way except for the whole Tom Cruise, 10 kids and marine biologist thing. MASH may have not been the most accurate of predictors, but it sure was fun. Who says you can’t have a little fun now? You can still live in a mansion with the man of your dreams if you play the Schick® Quattro for Women® Dare to MASH App on Facebook. It’s the same great old game except with a few more fun and detailed questions like, “What is your PDA style?” But instead of a future that only may happen at the end of the game, you get a coupon for a great razor!

The high performance Schick Quattro for Women Razor has enhanced conditioning strips with Acai Berry and Jojoba Complex. It provides a shave so smooth you can even skip a day or two! What smooth ride will you end up with – a sporty convertible, a tandem bike, or a horse-drawn carriage? Find out when you dare to MASH and receive your coupon! If you play soon then you might be as lucky as me with a future in a stylish house where I will dance playfully to pop rock tunes with a handsome cowboy–whom I’ll meet at a spur-of-the-moment house party and find to be absolutely funny!

 This post is sponsored by Schick® Quattro for Women®.

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