Do All Women In Finance Feel The Need To Date Men In Finance?

Of course, another thanked her for the tips and said Private Wealth Management guys shouldn’t even be included on the list of possible candidates. But maybe people were so offended by this because she is talking about men like some men, many who work on Wall Street, talk about women. She is judging their personality based on their jobs.

Earlier this year we wrote about how women who work in finance may take on male traits in order to survive in this testosterone-filled environment and partner preference could be one of the ramifications of that. About 70% of trading jobs are filled by men, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Women also account for only 2.7% of the chief executives in the financial industry, and 16.8% of the executive officers, according to a study by Catalyst. A woman who works on all male trading desk at a major investment bank in New York told The Grindstone:

“You are surrounded by men yelling and screaming and showing their anger. In order to be heard sometimes I do in fact have to scream on to the phone but I also feel pressure to do this to keep up and show I can do this too. I consider myself to be very a gentle person in real life but this environment definitely my aggressive side comes out.”

John Carney, Senior Editor for, wrote of Bankerella: “For a certain type of person on Wall Street, this is basically how the world breaks down: you are either “killing it” it on the Street or starving while you pursue your “art.” Bankerella’s response is extreme but also revealing. She responds by describing the non-finance man as a “scrub” who cannot possibly merit her respect. It’s an extreme stance, but it is by no means unique to her among her Wall Street colleagues.”

Christina Trapolino, doesn’t work in finance but she is a social media director for a national restaurant chain and can relate to working all the time. She read the blog and was quite disappointed. She told The Grindstone:

“So I should be the target audience, right? Nevertheless, the blog postmade me groan. It’s just not clear enough whether it’s a sincere attempt to help busy women navigate the dating world or whether it’s an entirely tongue-in-cheek poke at the idea that women are just as capable of objectifying men. In either case, I think it falls flat.

As a woman, I’d love to read a sincere article about the struggle to balance a biological/instinctual/human need to connect romantically with the desire to achieve great things at work. It’s not an easy struggle.”

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