How To Find The Perfect Heels When You’re On Your Feet All Day At Work

I’m the world’s biggest baby about foot pain—an Advil-popping, whimpering, limping-home-early-while-assessing-the-likelihood-of-contracting-hepatitis-if-I-walk-home-barefoot baby.  I also manage to roll my ankle even while barefoot on occasion, so heels are especially hazardous for me. I suspect that my feet swell on contact with heels, rendering them more stumps than appendages. I say all this to illustrate the many hours of research and experimentation I’ve conducted to find stylish heels that won’t render me crippled. I should have a PhD in shoe shopping now and shall share my secret: It’s all about picking the right shoe because believe you me: no gel insert can protect you. Click on for the definitive guide of choosing heels that won’t murder your feet.

Side note: If you’re the type of lady who runs in stilettos and claims to do chores in your heels, well, then clearly you’re the superior specimen of femininity and I’m endlessly jealous.

See the slideshow here at DivineCaroline.

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