Former BFFs Katie Holmes And Victoria Beckham Are Now Business Rivals

Don’t you hate it when you start a high-end designer clothing line on the side of your career of being a celebrity and then your former best friend does the same thing and you both get your shows scheduled for the same day at fashion week? Yeah that hasn’t happened to us either but it is happening to former besties Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham. This year Victoria’s successful clothing line will be showing on September 9, the very same day as Katie’s Holmes & Yang’s New York Fashion Week runway debut. Their friendship is already on the fritz, and now that they are competitors, it doesn’t look like they will be holding hands and skipping anytime soon.

However,we really shouldn’t even compare the two. Victoria has already established herself as a respected designer. Katie’s line has only been around since 2009, but they did just see a surge in sales as there has been so much buzz around Katie lately. Katie Holmes has had a huge summer so her show could steal a few viewers. According to Fox News, in the wake of Holmes’s high-profile divorce, her line has been selling particularly well.

Victoria has quite a few celebrity clients, including her bestie Eva Longoria. But so does Katie. “I think she has a great line,” Heidi Klum said of Holmes & Yang. “I like a lot of her clothes, especially right now. She has these very beautiful, like, spaghetti-strap camisoles. I love them, and the line. Sometimes these very basic things are the hardest ones to find.” Katie recently appeared on Project Runway.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Katie Holmes is going out of her way to pull attention away from Victoria’s show, but Katie really doesn’t have to put in that kind of effort. “Every editor will be at the Spring 2013 Holmes & Lang showing this September at New York’s Fashion Week. Katie’s divorce and the masterful manner in which she handled it, is shining a light onto anything that she does at this moment,” David Zyla, Emmy Award-winning stylist and author of The Color of Style, told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “This is a dream publicity opportunity for the label. The buyers will actually place their orders after the September show for delivery in February, so we will (have a better idea of its success) in the fall season.”

Well, Katie has been on a roll lately so this could be a big night for her but Victoria has a legitimate following as well. What we can say is that it seems to be strictly business for these two now and clearly both of their shows will pull away attention from less-famous talented designers.




Photo: Tom McGourty/WENN

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