Everyone In Your Meeting Is Daydreaming And It Is Costing Your Company $37 Billion

According to this awesome new infographic from Atlassian, you can see exactly all the ways your employees are wasting time. Too much email, pointless meetings and interruptions by fellow workers are the main culprits. Pointless emails waste time but it seems that those meetings you have everyday are the real killers. On average, an employee attends 62 meetings each month and considers half of them as time wasted. That’s 31 hours, or three quarters of a work week, spent in unproductive meetings each month. In those meetings, as many as 91% of people daydreamed (probably about Ryan Lochte), about three-quarters did other work, and nearly half felt overwhelmed by how often they were in a meeting. This punches out to a huge $37 billion in employee salaries annually wasted for unnecessary meetings. Why are we having so many meetings if we are just sitting there thinking about last night’s episode of Gallery Girls or stressing about how we should be doing actual work? There has got to be a better way to do this. Here are the other ways you are killing productivity at work.

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