7 Things Marissa Mayer Has Been Criticized For At Yahoo That Have Nothing To Do With Her Job

Her short maternity leave

The fact that Marissa Mayer said she was only taking three weeks off for her maternity leave and would probably work through it sparked a national debate. “To pretend you can reach the top and take long career breaks is disingenuous,” wrote Julia Llewellyn in a recent Guardian piece. “It fools young women into thinking their ride can be just as smooth.” But then others condemned her, saying many women don’t have the luxury of taking a short maternity leave (obviously Marissa can afford full time help.) People also criticized her for not saying “I am the CEO, I am pregnant and I am taking five months off.” Siobhan Freegard, founder of parenting website Netmums.com, said that companies who recognize the investment they make when they take maternity leave seriously are thankfully overtaking companies who have these “outdated” views. Others said it was dangerous for Marissa to be physically working through her pregnancy.

Photo: RTimages/Shutterstock.com

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