Your Stressful Job Can Be Worse For You Than Smoking, Drinking And Not Exercising

Add diabetes to the list of diseases your stressful job is giving you. A new study out of Canada found that women who stress about their jobs and have no control over their everyday agendas are at higher risk for diabetes. Hmm, no control and stress over jobs? Anyone have that problem?

The study found that women who had absolutely zero control of their schedules had double the diabetes risk.Stress itself caused hormonal changes in the body, and the results found that 19 percent of diabetes cases in women could be attributed to “low job control.” That means stressful jobs cause more cases of diabetes than smoking, drinking, and not exercising. The researchers followed 7,443 women working in Canada’s Ontario province with no previous diagnoses for diabetes.
Men who felt this way were unaffected.  Researcher Peter Smith told AFP that this is because “men and women react differently to workplace stress.” Well, clearly. Women were found to turn to foods with more sugar and fat when stressed (did we really need a study to tell us that?) ”The mind and body are very connected, and the body releases stress hormones like epinephrine and cortisol,” he says. “These can help ward off threats, but when released constantly, they take a toll on the body and they really affect how the body handles sugars and fat, and can lead toward the development of obesity and Type 2 diabetes.”

According to a new survey from CareerBuilder, two-in-five workers (44%) said they have gained weight at their current job. Twenty-six percent of workers gained over 10 pounds, and 14% gained over 20 pounds. Weight gain from stress eating because of work is one thing but now you can see that the onset of diabetes is quite another.

Try your best to take control of your schedule, though for women starting out at a job we know that is difficult. But try to take a little time for yourself if you can everyday. Take an extra long walk to the bathroom. Just zone out at your desk for a minute or on your commute. Go to the gym after work even if it is late. Even 20 minutes will make you feel better. If you are higher up in your company talk to your boss about your schedule so it is better for you. ike Google recently realized when they regained their position as “Happiest Company,” it’s not all about the bonuses. Really happy employees feel respected by their bosses, confident in their job security and valued for their expertise.

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