3 Ways To Revamp Your Wardrobe For Fall

As you prepare for summer fading to fall, your interview wardrobe should anticipate the change as well. The air is getting cooler, and you probably have your favorite football team’s jersey ready to go on game day — but don’t forget that your professional attire needs to be updated for fall as well.

Regardless of the season, the importance of interview attire, whether in-person or video, should never be overlooked. Within the first 30 seconds, your interviewer is developing a first impression and what you are wearing, no matter if you’re male or female, holds a heavy weight. Because summer to fall is a subtle transition, adding some substance to your summer attire is the perfect way to make a smooth change.

Keep in mind, different industries welcome different clothing styles. Dressing for a fashion interview is going to be drastically different than an accounting interview. A little research on your part is necessary to find what the company culture permits.

When revamping your interview wardrobe for the fall season, your main goal is to exude professionalism. No matter the season, you have to dress and look the part. You can spruce up your summer to fall wardrobe with the following tips:

Female professional attire is all about the balance. It is a difficult balance for women to dress fashionably without being over the top and promiscuous. The problem women face is sexiness has proved to be offensive to many hiring managers. Dressing provocatively is a deal breaker, but no one wants to look frumpy. Here is how to balance trendy and professional for the new fall season:

  • Sophisticated blazers. Wear a trendy blazer over your summer staples, such as sleeveless tops and dresses, to transition into proper fall interview attire. Blazers have come a long way since the shapeless black or gray suit jackets of yesterday. Today, there are endless options that are feminine and posh. If you are wearing a fashionable top match it with blazer to make it more work appropriate.
  • Covered up footwear. Summer is coming to an end and you may not be ready to hide your freshly pedicured toes. Unfortunately, open toed shoes do not scream professional, especially in an interview. When revamping your fall interview attire, stick to the conservative and classy closed-toe shoe.

TIP: Always take the time to compare your heels and hemlines. High heels should be paired with a dress hemline at or below the knees. As for a shorter dress, pair with small heels or flats.

  • Shift to a darker palette. Transitioning your summer wardrobe into fashion-forward fall attire can be accomplished by shifting your color palette. Add jewel tones and deep browns, blacks, and grays to your summery prints and bright colors and your interview wardrobe is easily revamped for the fall. These jewel tones show up great on a video interview as well!

If you are planning on taking the job search head-on this fall, your interview attire matters. Lucky for you, you can set yourself apart, while still maintaining a professional aura!

How are you planning to transition from summer interview attire to fall? Will you revamp your interview wardrobe this autumn?

Photo: Jason Stitt/Shutterstock.com

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