10 Powerful Fashion Statements Made By Women In Politics

Though we find it unfair that women in politics still have their looks and clothing focused on after they make a speech (i.e. every woman that spoke at the RNC and DNC so far), we have decided to embrace this and also only focus on what women are wearing despite their political credentials. Some of these women use this detailed scrutiny of their ensembles and accessories to their advantage. They power dress. They send a message with their clothing. Who can forget when former Secretary of State Madeline Albright wore a large American flag pin when she was photographed with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. It was her way of silently combating North Korean propaganda. That is a fashion statement if there ever was one. Daily Beast’s Rebecca Dana wrote, “It isn’t easy for path-breaking female public figures—or first female anythings—to balance a feminine aesthetic with the need to act tough in a room full of men.” But these women figured out how to do it or at least how to make a statement with their fashion.

Photo: Photo: Ryan Rodrick Beiler /Shutterstock.com

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