HR Mistake Of The Week: Behaving Like A Boor While Recruiting With Social Media

Jobvite recently reported that 54% of recruiters now use Twitter to find job candidates, 66% use Facebook, and 93% use LinkedIn. That means if your job includes sourcing job candidates, you probably include social media as part of your recruiting arsenal. But first, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Matt Pittman of the talent management firm Bluewater Advisory contributed a nice guest post to Women of HR today that offers some smart tips for recruiting with social media. (And, no, to the best of my knowledge Matt is not technically a “Woman of HR.”)

Matt’s smart tips include using each site’s specific tools to reach candidates. LinkedIn, for example, includes tools like Talent Advantage, which lets recruiters post job listings for a small fee and search for qualified candidates. Facebook ads can be used to target fairly specific groups of people. And Twitter keywords (“hiring an editor”) and hashtags can be used to increase the likelihood that searchers will find you.

But first, there’s the Social Media 101 lesson on how to approach candidates online. Here’s Pittman on the basics of social media recruitment etiquette:

When looking to recruit people, you don’t want to simply send out spam, meaning link after link to job postings without any personal presence. You want to establish yourself and show your personality, as well as sending out job postings now and again.

Don’t spam people with advertisements. If you have a message asking if someone is interested in your job, don’t send it to more than one person – tailor it to each individual based on their resume and profile, and if they say no, don’t be persistent.

Respect job candidates by doing a bit of research, communicating clearly (not in spam-talk), and treat them as individuals. In other words, behave the same when when you’re courting a potential employee as you expect job candidates to behave when they’re approaching you. Now go forth and tweet!

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