Has Rachel Zoe Been Abused By Another Assistant?

It is being reported that Rachel Zoe’s latest assistant, Jeremiah Brent, is now getting his own show on Bravo. Brent was her assistant and also decorated her office. Zoe’s former assistant Brad Goreski already has a show on Bravo after quitting working for Rachel. He said he just wanted to be at home more but apparently that meant starting his own styling company. Rachel also got taken by her former assistant Taylor Jacobson, who she accused of stealing clothes and clients. When Rachel found out about Brad she said, ““It’s not the first time I’ve been used. I would say it’s going to be the last time, though.” But apparently Rachel may have just let this happen again.

Brent appeared on the fourth season of The Rachel Zoe Project and though he was fired at one point, he was hired back by Rachel and her husband. The show also showed a very close relationship between the two. In a recent interview Brent said, ” I’ll never forget Rachel looking and me and saying, ‘You need to live your life doing something you’re passionate about.’ That sentence changed my life, and she’s really been instrumental in helping me find what really fuels me.  It’s been kind of amazing, because I worked with her in fashion.  There are so many parallels between the two (fashion and interiors), so it’s been fun to kind of implement that and go into projects with her mentality in the back of my mind.” On August 10th, Brent tweeted a photo of his own interior design firm firm.  ”So surreal- Jeremiah Brent Designs,” he tweeted.  ”Offices, up and running!” On August 9th, he posted a listing for a full-time design/personal assistant but at a Fashion Week party he said he would be on the upcoming season of Rachel’s show but we’re not sure in what capacity. According to Brent, the two still have a good relationship.

But are these former assistants really abusing Rachel or is she just a little naive and not a tough enough boss? Didn’t she read the part where Brad said he was spreading his wings? What did she think that meant? There were many episodes when both Jacobson and Goreski were working there that showed Rachel not showing good control over her employees. She would often let Taylor make major decisions for the company because she didn’t want anyone to get mad at her, like when she told Taylor to decide who got to go to Paris Fashion Week. And did Rachel really think Brad was leaving the show to just go sit on a park bench in his Gucci loafers? That show leveraged his career, as it did Jacobson’s, and now he is using that to his advantage. And now Brent is doing the same thing. It is a little less directly hurtful though because Brent is focusing on interior design.
Rachel is providing anyone who works for her with an amazing opportunity as well as an amazing platform to launch their careers as stylists and anybody who doesn’t take advantage of that is not thinking of a long-term career. Rachel is currently building a fashion empire with her new design lines and projects so she should know that people in her industry should be thinking like this as well. She is letting herself be a victim of abuse.

Photo: Joe Seer/Shutterstock.com

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