The History Of Fashion Week In 9 Slides

Technology and NYFW

Technology made it easier for designers to market their collections online, sometimes exclusively. In recent shows, some designers have offered bar-coded guest lists and iPad-controlled seating arrangements, which streamline the process of shuffling attendees through the door. But the biggest perk is that now shows are being live-streamed allowing everyone to have a front row seat instead of just Ashlee Simpson.

NYFW is a great way to show off new technology as well. This year the models who walked the runway at Diane von Furstenberg’s show at New York Fashion week Sunday got to wear one of the most anticipated gadgets — Google’s Glass. Google’s high-tech glasses, which have a camera and screen built into them.

At the fall Fashion Week in New York City, visitors to Bloomingdale’s are seeing a sampling of this trend, including the wearable printing dress from Microsoft Research, a new wave of retail experiences using Kinect for Windows, and Microsoft products that accentuate a wide variety of styles.

Photo: Frank Gaertner/

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