Jewelry Designer Amy Delson Says You Don’t Have To Be In The Tents To Participate In Fashion Week

Delson with model Vanessa Rae

Amy Delson has always loved the eclectic look of mixing fine and costume jewelry, and as a child she was always collecting jewelry, taking it apart and putting it back together.  Her jewelry line started organically about four years ago. At first she just made gifts for friends and family.  But whenever she would wear one of her own pieces, it was always met with a, “Where did you get that?”  She knew she had something to say as a designer, but it was the public’s response to her jewelry that showed her there was a market for her designs, that people were interested in her creative vision.

Her success has steadily grown.  In the past year, Delson formed a relationship with Hunter Dixon, a design house specializing in whimsical, feminine clothing with a Southern take on urban chic.  She’s accessorized models for their promotional events including this past Saturday night, the first Saturday of New York Fashion Week.  Mentioned on Page Six, models strutted around the  party wearing Hunter Dixon clothing and Amy Delson jewelry.

“It’s so important to network and do events that are mutually beneficial,” she said.  ”You don’t have to be in the tents to participate in Fashion Week, you can collaborate and make it more of a community effort.”

Delson also collaborates with Althea Harper, an American designer and runner up on season six of Project Runway.  She custom designs jewelry for her, but also pulls pieces from her current or upcoming lines to accessorize Althea’s campaigns.  Delson recently shot Althea’s Spring 2013 campaign and look book.  The model was styled with her “Liliana” golden chain and quartz necklace, as well as the first in Delson’s new line of PowerCuff bracelets (see featured photo).

Delson’s currently preparing to open her jewelry storefront on Zaarly, a fantastic up-and-coming virtual bazaar.  Zaarly originated in San Francisco, and it’s basically Craig’s List meets Etsy with a dash of urban chic thrown in.  Delson had a photo shoot with Zaarly during New York Fashion Week to showcase her new designs, and offer a glimpse of what’s to come.  “It’s exciting to engage with and grow in the NYC community,” she explained. “And during periods like Fashion Week, growth is always accelerated.”

New York really is the perfect place for collaboration.  There are so many resources available to help artists foster and develop their skills.  Delson does metal working at the 92nd Street Y when she’s not looking after her two young boys.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she spent 10 years in the corporate world as a director of marketing for a real estate firm.  It was when she became a mother that she started exploring how she could turn her passion for jewelry into a business.

“Becoming a mom is such an intense responsibility, it’s so empowering because all of a sudden you’re in this role–for keeps–and it’s the most important thing you’ve ever done in your life,”  she said.  ”It makes you feel like you can do anything.  It brings you back to basics.  It heightens your observational skills and suddenly you’re in touch with these basic creative wants and desires and needs for expression.”

For Delson, having the opportunity to stay home with her kids is priceless. She loves her business because there are so many facets to it.  She can be at home with her kids one night, making jewelry around the kitchen table, and the next she can be at a sophisticated event mingling with the fashion crowd.   Her clients are people who appreciate accessories, and understand how adding a necklace or a bracelet to a simple outfit can unleash a new part of someone’s personality.  Delson’s jewelry designs, like her business, are a perfect match to her lifestyle.  “”You can wear my jewelry with jeans and a t-shirt,” she said.  “But you can wear that same piece with a gown to a black tie event.”

For information on Amy Delson’s jewelry, to purchase her designs, or to have a custom piece created just for you, visit Amy Delson Jewelry.

For more information on model Vanessa Rae, visit Vanessa Rae.

(Above Photo: Cari Courtright)

(Featured Photo on The Grindstone’s Homepage: Althea Harper)

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