Rachel Zoe Just Took On Another Project

In addition to being a stylist to the stars, designing clothing and jewelry for her fashion empire, being a new mom and starring on a reality show about her life, Rachel has now given herself something else to do. She is opening a salon in New York City.

From People.com:

“DreamDry, which will open in New York City’s Flatiron neighborhood later this year, is the brainchild of Zoe and former CAA agent Robin Moraetes. The salon will boast what Zoe says are “unprecedented, highly personalized services,” leading to the “ultimate blowout.””

Her strategy for blowing away the competition is to “take the blow-dry concept to the next level. We’re in the final stages of developing some amazing programs and technologies that will be totally unique to the overall DreamDry experience.”

Though Rachel says she didn’t plan to run a fashion empire, she has found herself running one. In some ways she put the stylist career on the map. The industry didn’t really exist until the early 2000s with Rachel and the term didn’t even come about til the mid-1990s. But thanks to Rachel and her career she has helped bring a lot of exposure to this part of the fashion industry with The Rachel Zoe Projectand just the basic explosion of her career. Los Angeles Times fashion critic Booth Moore put it correctly when she called Zoe’s career trajectory impressive. “Going from no-name stylist to red carpet tastemaker, earning $6,000 a day, with clients including Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes and Demi Moore. The next step was full-fledged celebritydom, with a Bravo reality show, QVC line and, now, a fashion collection.” The Rachel Zoe collection, which is estimated to earn as much as $20 million for Zoe in its first yearCatherine Moellering, executive vice president of New York-based trend forecasting firm Tobe Report, said Zoe is destined to do well because her business model puts a “premium on charisma over craft,” similar to Jessica Simpson’s ultra-successful fashion line.

Zoe has said she could see herself following in the way of other brand-masters like Martha Stewart and Oprah and eventually having her own talk show. “I would love to do a talk show,” she says. “I don’t have any formal fashion training, and the reason I got into this business is because I love people. So for me, sitting down and digging into peoples’ minds … digging into designers’ minds … would be really fun.”

However, Martha and Oprah never opened a salon, but maybe they aren’t quite as passionate about hair as Rachel. “Hair is the perfect way to reflect your personal style — it’s such an important component of creating and completing your look,” Zoe told PEOPLE. “To me, hair should be considered an accessory — it changes by event, season, mood. With DreamDry, we are creating a place where women can go to ensure that their hair is consistently as stylish and chic as they are.”

Photo: Michael Dominic/Ai-Wire/WENN.com

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