This May Be The Best Office Farewell Email Ever

We have written a lot on this site about the etiquette of leaving a company. You want to try to leave with the most composure possible and maintain good relationships with the people you have worked with for the past few years. Or you could do what this guy did and tell people exactly what you think and look awesome. Courtesy of Fartles-and-James on Reddit, we got our hands on the best office farewell ever. We are not suggesting you do the same unless you are going into a completely different industry, are independently wealthy, are relocating to a different country or you crave internet fame.

I guess this guy just didn’t care about maintaining relationships with his about to be former coworkers (except for the ones he called awesome, hot and funny.) This person makes Greg Smith look like a wussy.



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    • Frances Bean

      Hilarious, though I wish there was a better picture because I could barely read it.I had to sit all close to the screen and my husband was like “What the hell?” lol!

      • MALepore

        Yes! Sorry about that! Had trouble formatting it. I’ll keep working on it but the link is in there to the original which is quite clear. Thanks for reading!

      • bogie7129

        Use the CTRL key (just hold it down) and repeatedly tap the + key until the picture/font becomes the right size for you.

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    • Pere Goriot

      Admittedly a great exit letter … I assume the Tourette’s medication hasn’t kicked in yet.