Bethenny Frankel Will Get Another Shot At Being A Talk Show Host

We had our doubts but it turns out our favorite entrepreneur will get to keep doing her talk show. On Ellen today, Bethenny confirmed to the host (who also produces her show) that the talk show is returning. “We are not going to give a lot of details because we can’t,” said Ellen DeGeneres announcing the exciting news. “It is safe to say she will be on television soon. The television show will be back on the air soon.” Bethenny swore on Skinny Girl Margaritas that the news was true.

Back in July we were worried the show wouldn’t make it because ratings dropped between June and July. After her first show, one Seattle Post-Intelligencer critic articulated Bethenny’s dilemma: “It was an entertaining hour of daytime television, but ultimately, Frankel is going to need to find the balance between fun, inappropriate approach and shamelessly trying too hard.” Bethenny calls herself “the queen of too much information,” and has already discussed masturbation, miscarriages, and open relationships on the show, possibly a turn-off for some in the upper range of her 25-56 age target. She started booking huge guests, like Justin Bieber, in what looked like a final Hail Mary move.

Unlike the rest of her empire, the path to making this show hasn’t been very smooth. In November, after she had shot the pilot of the show, it didn’t get picked up. But then in January it was decided that the show would get a six-week run on Fox stations this summer. Hilary Estey McLoughlin, the president of Telepictures, which produces syndicated shows for Warner Brothers to distribute said of Frankel, “She’s had late-in-life success, which I think makes her a real role model for women.”

It is also that brash, honest “too aggressive” personality that is making this show work. Bethenny has built her brand on her candidness. She tells it like it is and people, especially women, respond. “I want to be on TV in a format where I can have a longer conversation with my fans rather than 140 characters on Twitter,” Frankel said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year.You can’t build an empire like she has without having a brand that people like. APA’s Brian Dow told Casserly, “Bethenny’s vision of who she is on- and off-camera is extremely consistent. It’s never changed,” he said. “Women, and especially moms identify with Bethenny very strongly because they are able to watch all of her ups and downs on camera—and that relationship is obviously very valuable.”

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