9 Tips On How to Become More Of A Morning Person

We’ve all been there. You’re woken up by the all-too-familiar sound of the alarm clock, and you think to yourself “just five more minutes won’t hurt.” Five minutes eventually turns into 10, then 15 and soon enough you are running out the door still slipping on your shoes and hoping you haven’t missed the train. It’s a habit that many of us try to break, but when we fail we chalk it up to the curse of not being a “morning person.” Oh how we envy you, happy early risers. What are your secrets?! We may never find out for sure, but these tips from Jessica Stillman and Amy Levin-Epstein of cbsnews.com on how to become a less groggy, and more productive version of yourself in the morning may help.

Photo: Diego Cervo/Shutterstock

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    • Kristen

      Honestly, most of this is pretty unhelpful. Why do people suggest getting up at 5am to exercise to non-morning people? The premise of this article is that there are people out there who can’t even get themselves out of bed to get to work on time. Somehow, that will be solved by a magical ability to get up even earlier to get to the gym (or some other social activity)? If I could get myself THERE, I could get myself to the office. And how on earth does it make sense to suggest to someone that they should plan a morning activity in case you happen to be up 2 hours early…? Again, getting up early is the problem. If I happened to find myself awake at 5am and I was looking for a way to fill my time (say, with a jog), I would already be a morning person.

      • Jen

        Amen. I was thinking the same thing.

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