What Price Tag Would You Put On Your Work Experience?

If you were asked today to put a value on your experience, what type of price tag would it have?

I recently found myself asking this very question. I was having a conversation with my father, discussing an opportunity that was presented to me that had quickly turned into an unexpected haggle over compensation. It had left me feeling a bit uncomfortable. As he offered his advice, he made the comment that I must always remember that I am worth every penny I make and then some and I should never sell myself short.

It was a simple statement. Of course, coming from my dad, I could have easily disregarded it as just another pep talk from a very subjective source, but as he said it, I had a sudden epiphany.

Deep down, I always thought I knew that the experience and knowledge I have to offer was valuable. However, I began to realize that actually internalizing this confidence is one thing, but having the conviction to promote my own strengths in critical moments is quite another story.

have always been a believer that if I put in the work, I will be rewarded for my efforts. However, life continues to show me that this is not always how it plays out. In the light of day, it became clear that my seemingly altruistic viewpoint was simply a way to avoid self-promotion.

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Photo: Vitaly Korovin

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