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These Are The 10 Best Companies For Working Mothers


Working Mother has published its 27th list of the 100 best companies for working moms. These are the companies that offer not only flexible work plans and paid maternity leave (16% of the nation’s employers don’t do this) but also childcare, fitness amenities, stress reduction and other helpful programs. You can see the full list here but these were the top 10 for 2012.

Bank of America


Ernst & Young

General Mills

Grant Thornton



Procter & Gamble



Jennifer Owens, editorial director of Working Mother Media, states, “These 100 Best Companies know what it takes to keep all employees, but especially their employee moms, productive and engaged at work. As the stress surrounding work-life integration continues to rise, so does the opportunity for creating a win-win environment for employees and employers. The Working Mother 100 Best Companies see the payoff from their programs and policies and are outstanding examples for companies to emulate.”

Many of these companies believe in offering a flexible work schedule. This option helps employers retain mothers who have just returned to their jobs after giving birth, according to a new study. ”When confronted by one or more job demands, a flexible schedule provides working moms with alternatives for meeting those demands while caring for their newborns. When working moms are better able to control their work environment and adapt, work-related stress is less likely to become a family issue,” study author Dawn S. Carlson, a professor of management at Baylor University, said.

The survey found that women now account for 43% of all managers at the Best Companies (women made up 51% of all Best Companies employees), up from 40% and women now represent 23% of all corporate executives, up one point from last year. According to a new study by Catalyst and The Harvard Business School, having more women in power positions at companies may not only help financial performance but can equal big sustainable wins for the company as well as society. The new data shows that gender-inclusive leadership and corporate social responsibility (CSR), examined through the lens of corporate philanthropy, are linked. “Companies are realizing that advancing more women to senior leadership roles has many benefits, including increased financial performance and sustainability,” said Anabel Pérez, Senior Vice President, Development, Catalyst. Simply put, more women leaders is correlated with higher levels of philanthropy as well as increases in other CSR areas, such as environmental CSR.

There were a few changes in the top 10 between this year and last. IBM, Grant Thornton and Procter & Gamble taking slots previously occupied by Discovery Communications, Prudential Financial and TriHealth.

Forbes writer Meghan Casserly pointed out that only eight women from the Forbes Most Powerful Women List ran Best Companies, including Virginia Romettyat IBM. That is not a very big number but we should keep in mind that these are the companies that are helping and supporting women and their families the most. These companies are doing something right.

Carol Evans, president of Working Mother Media, says, “This year’s 100 Best Companies are leading the way for the rest of the nation. They have created not only essential benefits, like flexible work options and telecommuting, but have also shown their commitment in new ways like elder care referral and legal assistance to help busy parents manage their personal lives as well as their careers.”

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