The Founders Of Vixely Tell Us How They Get Sex To Be Taken Seriously

The Grindstone: Why is now such an exciting time to be a female entrepreneur?

Nora Bass: Now is a really exciting time to be a female entrepreneur because there is finally more investment in companies that really address so many of the unmet needs of women and that have female leaders at the helm. Women are highly dynamic consumers, and as female entrepreneurs it is exciting to design our products around the women with whom we are so in touch and to see more products tailored to our needs. Now more than ever, women are disrupting traditional businesses from fashion to beauty to media, satisfying legions of female consumers. You also have more female investors helping female entrepreneurs along the way, serving as great mentors who can also move the needle for female founders from an investment standpoint to launch thoughtful, needed products.

The Grindstone: What is your favorite part about your job and what advice do you have for women who are thinking of starting their own company?

Jennifer Eident: My favorite part is seeing the consumers we impact. My biggest piece of advice is find a really big problem you are truly passionate about solving. Be bold. Challenge yourself.

Nora Bass: I love hearing from women how much our content resonates with them, and that it makes them feel empowered and confident. My biggest piece of advice is to believe in what you do, look for an opportunity that leverages your individual talents and serves the greater good, and stop at nothing until you satisfy your customer.

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