10 Ways To Unwind After A Long Day At The Office

Call a Close Friend

When it comes to job-related stress, sometimes walking your dog or reading a book isn’t enough.  I sound like an ad for a  Teen Hotline, but the relief you feel after talking to your best friend about your awful commute, or the loud construction outside your office window, can be invaluable.  Humans–aside from sociopaths and other emotionally disturbed people–feel better after talking through their thoughts and feelings.  We all need a personal outlet for vetting and venting, and that outlet just takes on different forms depending on personality.

I like to tell everyone who will listen about my problems.  I also write in a journal.  I have a 32 year-old coworker who talks to her mom three times a day, they’re best friends.  But I also  have a friend who’s pretty quiet, and she shells out two co-pays a week to talk to a therapist.  She loves having access to a reliable, confidential sounding board on a weekly basis.  It’s really whatever works for you.

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