Amy Poehler Steals The Emmys Again Despite Not Winning

We knew Amy Poehler has a great sense of humor, but she makes sure to remind us of this at the Emmys every year. Amy has been nominated for Best Actress for the past three years for Parks & Recreation (and two before that for Saturday Night Live) and has planned some sort of joke for her and her fellow nominees at each ceremony. We didn’t think she could top last year’s beauty pageant stand off but she may have done it with the speech switch with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Julia actually won the Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy Series for VEEP but Amy stole the show by having Julia pretend she had taken Amy’s speech.

Julia got up to the microphone and proceeded to thank the people at NBC, Parks & Recreation and her sons Archie and Abel which prompted Amy to run up their and give her a different speech. Amy probably had a joke planned if she did win, but it’s great that she still wants to be funny even when she loses. And she gave herself a great compliment in there by pretending she had added a line to the end of Julia’s speech: “It’s a shame that Amy Poehler didn’t win.” And it is a shame. But we thank you for always making us laugh Amy.


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