8 Entrepreneur Lessons From 2 Broke Girls

Max: You took money from a homeless man?
Caroline: I prefer to think of Bob near the bridge as our first investor. -2 Broke Girls

Tonight is the season 2 premiere of 2 Broke Girls on CBS. The hit show starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs as two waitresses/entrepreneurs from very different sides of the tracks was last season’s sleeper hit and now it is anchoring the Monday night lineup. We left off watching these two budding entrepreneurs pitching their cupcake business to Martha Stewart….in a bathroom. Cupcakes aren’t the most original idea, but last season provided a ton of business lessons any entrepreneur would appreciate it.

At the end of every episode a dollar total is shown as the girls save for their dream, which requires a startup fund of $250,000. Sometimes their total goes up (and sometimes down) by a few hundred bucks or so each episode. The last we saw it was at $927. Even with the girls working various jobs, to make that kind of money we are looking at at least 10 seasons. ”I think we will see a jump (in the total),” star Kat Dennings said to the Toronto Sun.  ”There has to be a jump. Something has to happen with that, whether it’s this season, or four years from now, knock on wood. But something has to happen because they’re driven.”

With so many women starting their own companies right now we thought it would be fun to look at lessons we can learn from these two girls, even though they are broke.

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    • Save1Star

      Everyone keeps saying that the back yard is really unrealistic. I have lived in Greenpoint and Bushwick- you can get a yard large enough to house a horse and still pay a reasonable rent. It’s really just luck of the draw, typically one or two yards per 6 unit apartment house.

    • regina

      Hehehe! This is a cute recap of 2 Broke Girls from season
      one! This is definitely one of CBS’s better comedies. I’m glad I finally
      started watching. At first, I didn’t think the show was for me, but my
      officemate at DISH kept telling me to give it a chance! I fell in love
      instantly with the unexpectedly sarcastic, sharp humor! I’m just lucky that my
      roommate recorded all the episodes, so I could catch up quickly to what I was
      missing out on. I’m also lucky that my Hopper DVR has so much memory space that
      we never have to delete shows, so I had the whole season waiting for me to
      watch. I hope season two keeps dishing out the dirty jokes! ;)

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