7 Signs Your Star Employee Is Looking For A New Job

Has your favorite employee been acting a little strange lately? Not like their usual superstar-self? Well, its probably not because aliens have invaded his or her body. They are probably just looking for a new job. No big deal. Here is a list of seven signs that may help you determine if your star is planning on jumping ship, according to Marissa Brassfield of PayScale.com.

Photo: Ranker.com

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    • Lastango

      Any boss who needs to read these sorts of tealeaves to figure out if a star is looking elsewhere has only themself to blame, because it means they haven’t been communicating regularly or meaningfully with their key people.
      One thing we can take to the bank: strong, talented performers who don’t feel included and consulted can be PRESUMED to be looking for a place they can make headway and be appreciated for their efforts.