New Company Asks, Why Write Your Own Business School Essay When You Can Buy One?!

A new company has emerged that are making all of those books telling you how to write your business school essay (and probably slave over it for hours) look like chump change. A new essay service and website called, founded by MBA graduates Gili and Ori Elkin, doesn’t tell you how to write essays. It actually will sell you applicant essays written by people who got into top business schools. Is Zack Morris behind this?

From Bloomberg:

“Operating since August, the website has collected essays from more than 400 contributors, all either recent MBA graduates or current students. The website started selling the essays about two weeks ago, and “dozens of people” have downloaded them so far—about 90 percent of them from the U.S—says Wordprom Chief Executive Officer Gili Elkin, a 2008 MBA graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Her husband, Ori Elkin, received his MBA in 2007 from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.”

Of course you can’t copy and submit the essays but you can see a real, live example of a piece of material that got a person into a school for the price of $50. Currently, the four most popular essays on the website are two from Harvard Business School, one from London Business School, and one from New York University’s Stern School of Business, according to  Wordprom’s homepage. “I thought it would be a way to make the admissions process accessible to everyone and everywhere,“ Elkin told Bloomberg. “Yes, you can buy a book for $10 maybe, but I don’t believe the examples are comprehensive enough to serve everyone.” Elkin says soon people will be able to buy packages of admissions essays at a price that will be closer to the $250 hourly rate typically charged by MBA admissions consultants.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well, most things are. Sdmissions officers and deans at leading business schools in the U.S. and Europe are not too happy about this. According to the report, many business schools have been having to deal with a lot of plagiarism issues with applications. UCLA’s Anderson School of Management rejected 52 MBA applicants last year after the school discovered plagiarism in admissions essays by using Turnitin for Admissions, an anti-plagiarism database service that compares student essays to a wide collection of writings.

Some admissions programs, like Harvard, are changing their essay questions as a result. Elkin says the essays on her website are supposed to be used for “inspiration” purposes only. Apparently Elkin has a lot more faith in people than these schools do. Plagiarism has never been easier thanks to this internet thing. People have taken “inspiration” to a whole new level.

And wouldn’t it be tempting when you are working full time to guarantee that all this time and money you are spending on applying to business school is a sure thing?

But Wordprom is trying to take precautions. Users who download them must sign a “terms of use agreement” that prohibits users from plagiarizing, she says. In addition, the company will grant schools full access to’s database of essays if they request it. If the company finds out a user has plagiarized from a essay, “the user will be banned from the site and we will take any other action that is in our ability against the user,” Elkin says.


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