Kim Kardashian Is Using Pregnancy To Help Her Career Even More Than Jessica Simpson Did

Kim Kardashian is not even pregnant yet (reportedly) and yet she is already using an imaginary baby to get her press. Knowing Ms. Kardashian’s style she is probably already planning a maternity-wear line and a spin-off reality show, Kim & My Louis Vuitton-Dressed Baby. Kim has started tweeting just enough information to make people think she is either pregnant or trying to get pregnant. The fact that she is starting this early game means she may even be using a pregnancy more to her career advantage than Jessica Simpson did. 

A few days ago even, Kardashian had taken to Twitter, where she updated her 16-million plus followers with the following exchange between her and her mother Kris Jenner.

“Mom- want any coffee? Me- yes please Mom- how do u take it? Me- half coffee half milk. Just make it the color of what my kid would be,” Kardashian tweeted.

Jessica Simpson was at least a few months pregnant before she actually admitted it. Kim might not even be planning on a baby but she knows she will get more attention this way. The only way for Kim to keep her career trajectory on track is to stay relevant and she will do that no matter what it takes.

For some celebrities, a pregnancy is a great way to give your career and business a boost. Jessica Simpson is a clear example of that. In addition to her $3 million Weight Watchers deal, she posed nude for the cover of Elle in April. Then there was the People Magazine photo spread of the first pictures of her daughter, Maxwell, for the price of $800,000. She also launched a maternity line with Destination Maternity in May.

It is interesting though that Kim is pushing the pregnancy route over the marriage one but perhaps she just can’t handle all the criticism again. TMZ estimates that her wedding to Kris Humphries cost as much as $10 million and Kim got paid over $17 million to televise it and for photographs. According to Don Van Natta Jr., that means she made $10,358.80 per hour for all 72 days of her marriage.

She probably can’t make as much off of a (pretend) baby as that wedding but she can definitely get some press, which is all that really matters to the Kardashians.



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    • Lastango

      Interesting phenomenon. Accompanying the rise of the women’s internet — with its incestuous network of marketers, promoters, authors, faux victims, academic hangers-on, pink-washing merchandisers, activists, corporate-style interests hiding behind the curtain, allies in other media, and breezy bloggers trying to hide all that by passing it off as just one big hug between best girlfriends — come the parasites. They’re learning fast how to pose wearing the right halos, and push the right buttons.

    • Markoo

      Want Kim to receive this plug award?