Brilliant: Oberlin Is Using Lena Dunham’s Career Success To Recruit Students For The Newspaper

You all know Lena Dunham, right? Creator, director, star of the critically acclaimed HBO series Girls and the woman who went nude for a bit in the Emmys? Well, just like Princeton takes any opportunity to remind us that Michelle Obama went there or Vassar and Meryl Streep, Oberlin College has Lena Dunham. Lena graduated from the school a few years ago and her character, Hanna, also attended the school.  And when you have an It Girl as your alum, clearly you are going to use that to every possible advantage including recruiting people to the student alternative newspaper, The Grape.

The paper has created a simple ad that is supposed to inspire students (above.) If you write for The Grape you too may become an Emmy-nominated television creator who has Judd Apatow on speed dial. Umm, probably not but it is a clever way to get people to join something.

Yes, she only wrote for it for half a semester and then quit when she got mono but that still counts. You think Harvard cares that Mark Zuckerberg dropped out? I’ve heard people from Princeton showing off about the fact that Kate Bosworth almost went to Princeton. As long as you express interest in a school and are a celebrity, people get excited.

But who wouldn’t want to be Lena Dunham right now? She is a cultural icon (for the moment) and is at the forefront of this strong women in comedy movement. And yes, she didn’t win any Emmy’s in September but as Jimmy Kimmel pointed out, she is only 26 so we should all feel really bad. And what kind of educational institution wouldn’t go around boasting about its alums and using them to get students to right alternative essays.

Source: New York Observer

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