Of Course Marissa Mayer Is Using Crowdsourcing To Name Her Baby

Wow. Someone doesn’t have a clear separation between her work life and personal life. But with a two week maternity leave, we already knew that about Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo. And show is using the tool of crowdsourcing to find a name for her one day old baby boy.

Mayer’s husband, San Francisco investor Zachary Boguetweeted the big news Monday morning calling their son, “baby boy Bogue,” and then, according to Forbes, emailed friends and family asking for help naming the little guy. Journalist and consultant Jeff Jarvis tweeted: “Just got a large group email from @marissamayer. She’s crowdsourcing suggestions for Baby Boy Bogue’s name! How digital can you get?”

Today.com writer Jacoba Urist said crowdsourcing for a baby name falls right in line with tweeting a birth and polls about pregnancy. This is the logical next step. And for the Queen of Digital, this makes complete sense. She thinks Marissa may have done this in an attempt to get some extra PR for Yahoo. It is a modern and innovative move, which is exactly what the CEO of a digtial company should be.

Plus, there are just so many choices for names these days. Everything from John to Inspector Pilot, (which is why it is beyond me that celebrities keep naming their babies Olive.) The decision can be overwhelming and Marissa is known for being a greatly detailed and logical decision maker.

Earlier this year at the Campaign for the American Conversation series held at the 92Y in Manhattan, Marissa stressed the importance of always having options in life and evaluating every single one of them. Of course, her process for evaluation included charts, graphs, environmental impact reports, etc., She did not make basic pro/con lists. She described an agonizing 8-hour discussion with a Stanford friend when making her decision to go to Google. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Marissa made charts and spreadsheets to decide on her son’s name.

And if this doesn’t work, she could always just Google some names.
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    • Lastango

      I’d name the little guy Padya, which is ancient Peruvian for “Pump and dump Yahoo’s assets”.

    • WinWin

      Wow.. the tone of the article is oh so wrong! (at least to me). She asked her friends and family to help name her kid. Are you saying you have never heard of that before the “digital age”? My mother and grandmother did that. They had to talk to people in person or use the phone since they did not have email and Twitter. Why can’t a new mother just enjoy this phase and share the joy with her friends without being accused of using it as a PR opportunity?