9 Endorsement Deals That Gave These Famous Women Major Career Boosts


Maria Sharapova

Maris Sharapova is arguably the Queen of Endorsements. In April, the world’s highest-paid female athlete Maria Sharapova signed a three-year sponsorship deal with Samsung Electronics. At that time, Forbes reported that she was already making about $25 million a year with additional endorsements, including Nike and Tiffany & Co. Sharapova has always been very smart about her potential as a selling brand. Even at the age of 13 when she was asked if she would rather win Wimbledon or  make $20 million in endorsements she said “I would choose to win Wimbledon, because then the millions will come.”

When she was injured in 2008 she took the downtime as a sign to build up her brand opportunities which is when it seemed like we started to find ourselves wearing her sunglasses, watches and jewelry while watching her cute camera commercial for Canon. Sharapova said she has always applied her competitive nature to every aspect of her life. It is those endorsements that has made her the world’s highest-paid female athlete.

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