6 Ways Eating Candy And Junk Food Hurt Work Productivity


The candy and junk food season is upon us. Halloween is only a few weeks away and it seems that everywhere we turn candy and cookies are thrust upon us. If you’re anything like me, you started eating Candy Corn on October 1st. I mean, tis the season!

But eating candy and junk food at work is especially dangerous because sometimes you aren’t even aware of how much you are consuming as you busily go about your business and stress out. According to the Wall Street Journal, a four-week study of 40 secretaries showed that simply being able to see candy increases the likelihood of it being eaten. The study showed that if candy was put in front of them in a clear jar, participants were likely to eat 2.5 pieces of candy on top of the 3.1 they would normally eat if the jar wasn’t see-through.

So now that its clear how gravely unreserved we are as humans when it comes to sweets, lets talk about all the ways candy and junk food can hurt your body and mind, and in turn, your job performance.

Photo: Margaret M Stewart /Shutterstock.com

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    • http://twen-teen.com/ kimberly @ twen-teen

      I think one thing this article misses is that keeping candy at your desk is a good way to make friends at work – and that might indirectly influence your success.