‘I’m Too Upset About The Hunger Games’ And 9 Other Absurd Excuses People Have Used To Skip Work


Playing hooky from work is something everyone has been guilty of at one time or another. According to Career Builder, 30% of workers who called in sick last year were not really sick at all. And when it comes to skipping work, the excuse is key. An excuse for missing work can be as run-of-the-mill as, “I have the flu,” “My kid is sick,” or “I couldn’t pick myself up out of bed  after watching The Hunger Games?” Wait, what?  Yes, someone actually used that one. I mean, the movie was good, and perhaps I was distracted at work the day after seeing  it when thinking about Peeta and Katniss’s tragic love, but skipping work and citing that as the reason is ridiculous.

But that wasn’t even the most unusual one, according to a new Career Builder survey. Take a look at this list of absurd excuses and you can be the judge of whether or not these people were telling the truth. Though, why you would want to admit that you weren’t able to work because you were busy thinking about two fictional teenagers is beyond me.

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