Are You Working In One Of The Greenest Cities In The World?

Did you bike to work today? Or maybe fill up your water bottle or coffee travel mug you brought from home? Those are both good things, but is everyone else in your city doing the same? In this new infographic from HouseTrip, you can see which cities in the world are making the most green efforts and you might be surprised by the winners. It wasn’t too shocking to see cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam on there but good old New York City made it into the top 10! London, Stockholm, Vancouver plus two runners up are featured in the graphic.

In each of the 10 cities, there are notable statistics worth mentioning. Amsterdam has one bike for every 0.73 people, Copenhagen has legislation requiring all new buildings to have green roofs (this will add 5,000 square meters of vegetation), and only 44% of New Yorkers own a car, compared to 95% of Americans overall.The lack of cars in NYC is because of the excellent public transportation resources and also the fact that this place is crowded as hell. But Stockholm came in first for its use of alternative transportation with 93% of residents walking, biking, or taking public transportation to work.

New Yorkers are also pretty good at recycling, beating out London and Amsterdam. You wouldn’t think that looking at the sidewalks but good job New York. Take a look at the rest of this graphic to see how these cities compete.

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