6 Signs You Work With An Office Vampire

This week Eric C. Sinoway wrote about office culture vampires. An office vampire isn’t someone who works all night and then keeps to himself all day (which is what I may have thought it meant), but rather it is a person who is actually a top performer but is sucking anything good out of the culture of the office.

Eric wrote for The Harvard Business Review about a former employee of his:

“The new executive we were discussing that day was doing what we had hired him to: immediately deliver results. But he was doing so in a manner that didn’t strike us as consistent with our culture; he was focused so intensely on “what he did” that he paid little attention to “how he did it,” which resulted in consistently dismissing the opinions of others and pursuing what we felt was a strategy of “winning at any cost.”
The dilemma reminded me something my former professor and mentor, Harvard Business School Professor Howard Stevenson had told me years earlier: ‘Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it, in fact, trumps even strategy.’”

In the spirit of Halloween and healthy office culture, we did some more research and came up with some signs that tell you who the vampire is in your office.

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